2 million construction deposits were not refunded 8 years ago,Difficulties in obtaining a permit but dare not open it


As a content of the city's "Chinese Dream" theme education practice, the "10,000 cadres' struggle to solve all difficulties" action was launched recently to open up the "last mile" of government service companies. In this issue of the “Online on Demand” section, we take the action of “thousands of cadres entering the Qiang Enterprise to solve hardships” in the Erhai District as an example to analyze the reference and enlightenment brought about by this sample.

The cadres came to listen to the voice of the enterprise, and the boss reported problems like toothpaste. This is the beginning of Lu Cheng's participation in the “One Thousands of Cadres Entering Wan’s Enterprise to Solve All Difficulties” Action.

At present, the attack group No. 1 in Erhai District where he is located has collected 23 problems from 10 companies and successfully solved six problems. 904 cadres in the region had 1,150 enterprises in total, 1297 problems were solved, and 46 have been resolved.

Since June of this year, the four sets of leaders of the city have been in command of the "entertainment" and the three links between cities, counties, and townships. They have formed 126 hardworking teams to carry out the "10,000 cadres' tens of thousands of people to solve all difficulties," helping enterprises solve land use and talents. Problems in financing, examination and approval, innovation, etc., focused on getting through the “last mile” of government service companies and urging the real economy to flourish.

From the suspicion of the boss to mutual trust, and then to jointly solve the problem, this action is a “touchstone”. It not only tests the execution power, combat effectiveness, and work style of the cadres, but also tests those that are urgently needed to be solved to hinder the development of the city’s real economy. some problems.

Send policy to increase production value by 10 million yuan

The outside temperature is as high as 39 degrees Celsius. The workshop is breezy and there are two worlds out there. What is even more pleasant is that, under the current economic downturn, the orders of Zhejiang Oufu Sealing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Oufur”) in the Bohai Economic Development Zone have been continuously followed by an increasingly busy production.

Established in 1993, Oufu Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level high-tech enterprise engaged in scientific research and production. The products are exclusively used for automotive parts and components. Among them, the oil seal brand "Oufu" not only filled the domestic gap, but also rewritten the passive history of China's long-term dependence on imports of oil seals.

Chairman Hu Zhigen said that from 2009 to 2011, the company's annual output value reached 60 million yuan, and last year it fell to 40 million yuan under the influence of the economic environment. In the first half of this year, the output value has risen to 30 million yuan, an increase of 20% over the same period.

However, Hu Zhigen encountered a more difficult problem: the existing plant is difficult to meet the production needs, and the equipment quality is more than 10 tons, it is difficult to transfer to the emergency production on the second floor.

After the “Three Thousands” Campaign in the Bohai Sea area was carried out, Ye Yanguo, director of the Bureau of Economic and Credit Affairs of the district, came to the door to learn about the situation. He suggested that the company use the “provision for potential and land” policy introduced in the area to expand a production house in the plant area. "Space Exchange" creates investment conditions. Hu Zhigen was overjoyed after hearing the news.

As industrial land is becoming increasingly tense, some enterprises are trapped in the factory space and can only do “dojo in the snail shell”. To promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and improve the efficiency of industrial land, the area has carried out the work of tapping the land and tapping land since last year. It mainly provides services for enterprises from three aspects:

The first is to relax the relevant approval indicators, such as increasing the floor area ratio from 2.4 to 3.0, increasing the building density from 45% to 55%, and reducing the green land rate index requirements; the second is the reduction of the fee, which is no longer part of the construction area beyond the original approved area. To pay for the city's municipal infrastructure supporting fees, such as the expansion of an area of 5,000 square meters, can reduce the exemption of supporting costs 500,000 yuan; Third, strengthen the service, a clear approval process. The reform and expansion of the company's factory buildings in the area is led by the Council for the approval of the letter, which is both simple and time-saving.

Hu Zhigen intends to use this policy to build a factory with a floor area of about 600 square meters in the open area of the plant. It will be completed within one month after the formalities are completed and it is expected to increase the output value by more than 1,000 million yuan. He said that the timely delivery of policies to enterprises by cadres is an intangible asset for enterprises.

At present, Oufu Company is the first company to enjoy this policy in the “Three Thousands” operation in Ouhai District. Before that, more than 70 companies in the area had applied for the expansion and expansion of the plant, 20 of which had started construction and had an area of 100,000 square meters.

How much "Margin" is not refunded?

The "30 000" operation dispatches cadres and service enterprises on such a large scale, that is, it must comprehensively open up the "last mile" of government service enterprises and solve problems such as the difficulty of implementing certain policies and promote the revitalization of the real economy.

However, at that time, some business owners in the Bohai Sea believed that the “Three Thousands” operation may be a form. Many people spoke in vain and worried that the problem reflected no use. Lu Zhu, member of the No. 1 attack group in Erhai District, mentioned a typical example.

Since July 1st, Lu Zhuhui has come to Zhejiang Brother Packaging Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd. with Hu Mingde, the convener of No. 1 attack group in Ouhai District. At the beginning, the other party tentatively reflected a problem that was not a problem. I did not expect to have feedback soon. Afterwards, the business owners successively reflected the other five issues. The two sides gradually established a mutual trust relationship.

Among them, Zhu Ping, chairman of the company, reflected that in 2005 the company turned in a 200,000 yuan plant construction guarantee, which has not yet been returned since the completion of the plant in 2009. According to the normal procedure, after the company's factory building is completed, this deposit should be returned.

The relevant person in charge of the Bohai Economic Development Zone Management Committee said that if the company's factory building is completed, if it does not violate the regulations, it has already put into production and the tax is up to the standard. After the experience is collected, it must promptly return the construction deposit.

“There was a bit of illegal construction in the fire exit of this company. After the department concerned asked for rectification, it was dragged on afterwards.” The responsible person said that through this action, the management committee has called relevant departments to eliminate hidden dangers and it is expected that it can be next week. Procedures for returning security.

The 200,000 yuan deposit is not a large sum for this company. If there is no such “three thousand” action, the business owner may not be able to speak it out, but it will become a matter of mind if he stays behind.

According to the person in charge, the Bohai Economic Development Zone has a total of more than 800 companies that have settled in. Each company must pay a deposit of a variable amount according to regulations when building a factory. There are still many companies that have not refunded the deposit. The exact figures are not yet clear.

"The return of the security deposit must be timely and cannot be waited for by the company. The government has to solve it passively." Yu Kangjie, the deputy of the Municipal People's Congress, said that it is difficult to open up the "last mile" of government service enterprises to establish a policy improvement system. At present, all localities should use the “Three Thousands” Action to find out what is missing, improve the policy system, and establish a long-term mechanism.

Why can't I dare to disclose my permit?

In this “Three Thousands” campaign, two companies in Erhai District reported that they had difficulty in obtaining evidence. What is embarrassing is that when the reporter on behalf of the online column intends to conduct an in-depth interview, he is rejected by the business owner.

One of the companies reflected that after purchasing industrial land in 1998, the property license could not be processed due to government actions. At the end of 2012, under the leadership of the relevant authorities, the company finally received a land permit, and then went to apply for a real estate permit. However, it has not been able to collect it for various reasons.

Another enterprise reported that the subsidiary company of the company had a real estate license and a land license in the Bohai Economic Development Zone. In order to replace the new land license in early 2012, the company sent someone to handle the renewal formalities. Since the two departments push each other, so far. Run more than 10 miles without fruit.

The issue of “difficulty in obtaining evidence” not only exists in the Bohai Sea, but also in various parts of our city. A couple cadres who asked not to be named said that the reasons for “difficulty in obtaining a certificate” are more complicated. Apart from the existence of some problems in the enterprise itself, it is an important factor that the departments are dragging their feet and are unwilling to take the initiative to coordinate.

When the reporter communicated with one of the business owners, the other party frankly stated that if the matter is made public, the certificate may be completed soon, but I am afraid that it will offend the relevant department, or do not say it is better.

Dispel the concerns of these business owners and effectively solve the business problems. This is one of the goals of the “Three Thousands” campaign. To this end, Bohai District adopts the “merchandise-merger system” to ensure that problems are effectively resolved. Simple and clear problems are solved by the paired cadres on the spot; complex and cumbersome problems are solved by the offensive and defensive groups; they involve a wide range of difficulties and are difficult to deal with. The issues were handed over to the special team and submitted to the joint meeting or the district-level municipal level for research and resolution.

At the same time, the district has issued an assessment method that is simple and easy to carry out and responsibilities are tied up. Around the three indicators of “reporting rate,” “resolving rate,” and “satisfaction rate,” they are respectively paired with cadres, enterprises involved, and non-related enterprises. For assessment, all the quantitative calculation formulas are listed. In particular, it focuses on assessing the depth and difficulty of solving problems, preventing the evasiveness of the cadres, and preventing the evasiveness of the cadres from escaping, and giving the right of discourse to the enterprises, so that the concerns of the enterprise can be resolved and the enterprise's living environment can be improved.

Some people say that the so-called “last mile” is the government's efforts to create a good environment for development, planning, and construction. Only if these problems are actually solved, can companies eliminate concerns, boost confidence, and rejuvenate the real economy of Wenzhou.