SAWS Training Center came to investigate


Recently, the Deputy Director-General of the China Safety Production Training Guideline of the Training Center of the State Administration of Safety Supervision, Fu Xiaoyu, Deputy Secretary-General of the Education and Development Commission of the China Safety Production Association, and others went to our region to investigate safety production training.

The research team first listened to the current status and general situation of the safety production training work of the entire district, the main measures, the achievements, problems and difficulties. Subsequently, the research group went to Wenzhou Oufu Seals Co., Ltd. to carry out on-site research on the three-level safety training and education and emergency rescue drills, and heard the report of the responsible person of the company on the safety production work.

The research team fully affirmed the work safety training in our district and emphasized that we must continue to promote the training of all employees, increase the training of socialized services, innovate training methods, improve work measures, further implement the main corporate responsibility, and stabilize the situation for safe production. Better lay a solid foundation.